82 degrees and climbing,

and the boys are going to go play football with some friends at a rugby field! Crazy, that’s what I call it. I might go just to watch them suffer. Their football games can be funny sometimes, but Piere won’t be there so it probably won’t be as amusing as usual, seeing as he’s usually the cause (and recipiant) of most of the injurys. Anyhow, Mister’s not doing so good; he’s got a torn ligament in his knee cap so he limps around all the time, and he’s got ringworm- a kind of fungus that makes his fur fall out. Lukily it’s only in two places right now, but everyday we have to put some kind of cream on it and shove half a pill down his throat. He doesn’t appreciate it very much. Also we’ve got a sugar ant problem. Dad’s put some ant poison aroud the house, but there’s still some under this desk I’m typing at and they’re trying to crawl on my feet. Very annoying. It’s about one o’clock here, and nothng much is going on. I think I’ll probably go swimming pretty soon.


~ by Kimberly on February 11, 2007.

3 Responses to “82 degrees and climbing,”

  1. ooooooo – 82 degrees and climbing. i love warm/hot weather – it is cold here in cloudy, southern VA – we are looking for ice maybe snow. who knows! my husband went to dump garbage at dumpsters and a big, beautiful alaskan malamute was hanging around there – he brought the dog home to show us and then took it to the SPCA in Roanoke. he said everyone in the waiting room was oooohing and aaaahing the dog and then suddenly the dog started howling – maybe cause he didn’t find his family there. who knows. such is the excitement here in eastern USA for a Tuesday.

  2. Yeah, I love hot weather too, but I miss snow.

  3. Oh poor MIster.

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