Poor Pussycat

Mister had his leg fixed yesterday. I suppose that’s good for him, but on top of the ringworm treatment he has to take two more pills every day. They had to shave the a lot of the hair off of the one leg, and so you can see the stitches really well, and then they put some disinfectant on it so that parts of it look purple. It’s not a very pretty sight. But it’s all for his own good, and hopefully, if he doesn’t pick up any new problems, everything will be all better in about a month. Oh yeah, and he smells funny too. And he even talks more than usual, if that’s possible. A good thing was that he wasn’t meowing around the dinner table after dad had braaied (‘braai’ is South African for barbeque) last night, because he was sleeping on Stephen’s bed. He slept more than usual yesterday. I’m gonna go eat breakfast. Some more good news- I only have one quiz today!! That’s because I worked ahead yesterday. Gotta go.


~ by Kimberly on February 20, 2007.

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