This week

was Catherine’s 9th birthday, the Shepherd’s Cup, and Shepherd’s Conference. Mr. Ramey (who was a speaker at the conference) and his wife stayed with us, and they’re really nice. I helped out with some stuff, and it was really fun, even though I have had a cold for the past half a week. That’s why I’ve stayed home from church today. It’s Sunday night, and church is probably over by now, and the boys will have gone to Mug & Bean (a retaurant) and who know when they’ll be back.

Lukey boy is getting so cute, he says ‘mamamama’, and apparently he’s starting to snort- supposedly by my teaching. All I say is ‘Piggy goes *snort snort*’ and he’s learned to make little snorts. It is kinda cute, but I don’t suppose it’s the kind of thing you want your child to learn right off. Oh well. See ya!


~ by Kimberly on June 1, 2008.

2 Responses to “This week”

  1. Hi Kimberly! I was just cleaning my room and found one of your letters and it had your blog address on it so i just thought it would be fun to check out. I hope you are having a fun summer and i really miss you. (=
    ps. i have a cat know! His name is Moonbeam. He is black with white paws. he is five years old. his nicknames are Mr. Beam, Mr. Meow meow, and Moon moon! (=

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